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S.A.C.S. (Space of Contemporary Experimental Art)

The Cultural Town Councillorship of the Municipality of Quiliano, has been promoting, since 2005, a cultural project, called SACS (SPACE OF CONTEMPORARY-EXPERIMENTAL ART) therefore creating the basis for the most innovative research on visual arts by organizing exhibitions, conferences and events connected to this project. All this, is meant to offer to people the chance of getting close (or closer) to Contemporary Art by inviting them to conferences and debates with Artists, Critics, Historians and experts. Some of the events involve the Schools of the area, both primary and secondary institutes. Furthermore, SACS collaborate and takes part to events beyond the local dimension.
Particular care is paid to Mail-Art, which lets every single Artist to feel free and take part to a worldwide net of contacts. The mail delivery system is the means through which the Artists swap their forms of art: images, little objects, ideas, emotions…with no boundaries limits and very few costs.
In a World where everything is under discussion and in which the real way to globalization goes through contacts rather than collisions among different cultures, the phenomenon of Mail-Art, so non-selective and so far from the rules of the market, is an extraordinary means to spread the Artists’ creativity from all over the World. This peculiar way of producing art is meant to recover and promote the intellectual local resources by avoiding the disintegration and the flattening of the different cultures. The exchange of correspondence among the Artists of different Countries lets different people belonging to different cultures get in touch with one another and lets them to collaborate and organize important Exhibitions dedicated to specific themes, always related to nowadays life and social problems.
SACS does support these aims and wishes to carry on the initiatives fulfilled so far that anticipated the realization of this website and that made Quiliano be the regional point of reference of this very peculiar expressive form. The Mail, in fact, makes the organization of great Exhibitions easy and allows a lot of Artists from all over the World be involved in them. Therefore, the Cultural Town Councillorship of the Municipality of Quiliano really wants to enlarge the national as well as the international contacts by setting recurrent initiatives and events. This project, finally, aims to turn to account all the Mai-Art material collected through the years by creating, in the future, a proper archive for collecting and studying all the documents regarding Mail-Art, the Artists and the initiatives that have taken place, so far.



July 9th / 23rd - Anna Boschi

September 1st / 10th - Artist's book. International project of Mail art


June 10th / 24th - Collective Exhibition Fernando Andolcetti, Emma Caprini, Cosimo Cimino, Mario Commone, Mauro Manfredi
September 2nd / 10th - Collective Exhibition Gianfranco Carrozzini, Josephine Caviglia, Margherita Levo Rosenberg, Giuseppe Pellegrino, Mara Mayer


March - Pallas tames the centaur. International project of Digital art

August - St Peter in Carpignano. International project of Digital art

September 15th / 30th - Collective Exhibition Marcello Diotallevi, Ruggero Maggi, Riri Negri, Serena Olivari, Vittorio Valente


September 14th / 28th - Futurenergie. International project of Mail art and Digital art


March - ArtPeace. International project of Digital art

September 5th / October 3rd - ZerotrePlus. Actions and video of ephemeral art.


August 28th / September 5th - The faces of Africa. International project of Mail art and Digital art


July - Italy 150. International project of Digital art

July 2nd-31st - Bazarte. Proposals of Contemporary Art


May 19th / June3rd - XXIII Exhibition of the Ligurian Engravers' Association

August 30th / September 9th - Im[m]agine. International project of Mail art and Digital art


July 11th / 31st - DIFFUSA. Exhibition of Contemporary Art

October 5th / 12th - Art in the Library. Opening of SACS' Archive (9th Day of Contemporary - AMACI)


October 4th / 25th - Visual Pages. International project of Mail art and Digital art (10th Day of Contemporary - AMACI)


July 10th / 19th - DIFFUSA. Exhibition of Contemporary Art

October 10th - 11th Day of Contemporary - AMACI - Alfabeti infiniti




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